Att10tive Filling the gap in Education

Att10tive Filling the gap in Education

By Oliwia W Youth Ambassador

How At10ive fills the gaps in the educational system that fails to prepare young people for the future

Att10tive is a social enterprise that works with youth ambassadors and other organisations for a social mission to develop youth’s transferable and life skills. The enterprise mainly focuses on making people aware of diversity, equality, safety and empowering young people, giving them a voice in the community. Att10tive provides a range of essential workshops that educate the youth in an interactive manner; some of these workshops include diversity, employability skills, event planning and stop and think which focuses on Knife crime

However, the educational system that the government established has failed to prepare young people for their tough and difficult future and the obstacles they will need to face. Very few schools provide education on diversity, crime and life skills. Too many people don’t realise the importance of inclusion, as not being educated on this topic creates stereotypes and discrimination at schools and in workplaces. This is a very significant problem Att10tive deals with. Most schools find it difficult to embrace and teach diversity as they may be in highly segregated areas, or simply think it’s not a big issue or of importance as it’s not in the UK school curriculum. This is vital as it exposes young people to different social groups and cultures which is important for their future. Young people are the ones who are going to rule over this world soon, hopefully making it a better place to live for everyone. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Hence, preparing them to meet people from different backgrounds will prevent the on going racism and discrimination. Att10tive happily provides this education.

The educational curriculum may include Pythagoras Theorem and Newtons first law but fails to teach teenagers how to produce a good quality CV, employability skills and the significance of mental health. How do people expect new employees to have those skills of good communication, leadership and confidence where the same people were never taught it? This is the reason I conclude that the system failed us, as it doesn’t provide adequate education and enough emphasis on mental health, preventing the youth from growing and maturing into responsible and successful adults; who are knowledgeable about healthy workplace conditions and have obtained vital skills to successfully perform their role.

Personally, I want to carry out my role as a future employee to the best of my ability, but despite my desire, I couldn’t do that as I have never been taught it until Att10tive provided me with this knowledge. I do not want to be demeaned as soon as I am outside my comfort zone or perhaps lack the communication skills that allow me to get my point across. Due to the enterprise everyone taking part as well as myself are able to become knowledgeable about current issues, the importance of diversity and gives you the ability to raise your voice that you didn’t know you ever had. Simultaneously watering and maturing your confidence through empowerment. This is what the educational system has to learn from Att10tive; that mental health and life skills should not be extracurricular activity, but rather daily and a core focus. I believe that everyone has the potential to become a successful person, not necessarily academically but becoming a person who carries out positive actions, mutually encourages and adds value to the world. May we see the day the system will stop defining our success based on only letters on a piece of paper.

• Oliwia w