Meet the Team

Montell Neufville – Managing Director

I established Att10tive 2016 to fill gaps within communities. There wasn’t a way where young people and also people from diverse communities had a meaningful to tackle problems that they identified or to influence their communities. Another problem to solve was management and leadership wasn’t taught in schools or colleges, managers and supervisors I worked with had to learn from their mistakes. Thirdly the current educational system didn’t work for everyone, too often little account was taken of different learning needs, some learners had dyslexia, ADHD or preferred to by doing and getting involved.
I was able to use my varied career history which included working in trading standards; ensuring organisation complied with selling things legally, being a Street Ranger; which involved dealing with neighbourhood disputes and directing youth people into positive activities, working in Marketing, online and offline including radio shows and branding, being a Community Engagement Manager, running community events that brought people together, being a Partnership Manager bringing community organisations together and my role as a consultant to local authorities. Finally being a trainer writing and delivering workshops across Europe. All these helped shape my experience, providing the skills and knowledge to share with lots of other people.

Ciaran O’Brien – Director

I have worked in the Community Development and Education sectors for nearly two decades, but in recent years, have been working within the policing environment. My academic specialism was in Intercultural Communication, and so I have a great deal of experience in workshop facilitation and the development of educational programmes, particularly focused on developing Intercultural and Interfaith relations. I also ran my own training and consultancy service for a number of years, and was a Director for the Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR UK) during this time. Volunteering has long been a passion of mine, and during my career I have done so as a professional mentor, as a support worker for children with behavioural challenges, for a mental health organisation, and for programmes specialising in community development related projects. I have sat on the Bedfordshire Police Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel, helped to deliver workshops in schools as part of its engagement programme with young people, and I now act in a voluntary role as a Director. I am proud to remain a part of Att10tive because I have seen first hand how it helps young people to grow and develop, both professionally and personally, but also because those that work within it are a true reflection of our society, as well as the hopes and aspirations that young people hold for the future.

Saeresh Iqbal – Director

Saeresh is an experienced Programme/Project manager, who currently leads the UK team for an international charity. She has held various roles in the public, private and third sector. Saeresh comes with extensive events management experience including, workshops, talks, panel conferences, networking and celebration events. Equipped with an English degree, she is extremely articulate in her writing capabilities and an eloquent public speaker. Saeresh has been with Att10tive from the very start and believes strongly in the mission to education, empower and inspire the next generation!

Phil Dickson-Earle – Chair of Att10tive

My background is in Education and more specifically media as well as other creative art subjects. A former BT computer engineer, I am now a senior Media Resource Technician and Media Teacher of film and television at Luton Sixth Form College. I am also a videographer, a member of the festival band Beat Jugglers and Chair of the Bedfordshire Police Scrutiny Panel. For the last 12 years I have organised and run an annual 72 Hour short film challenge promoting the value of good storytelling and use of visual media. I have been associated with Montell and Att10tive Social Enterprise since 2016, providing a link with the college and the students. I am very keen to empower and to encourage young people and promote creativity of all types. I truly believe that a connected Community give us access to new ideas and opportunities where we can grow as people and as professionals. More importantly it gives us a sense of belonging and pride in our environment.

Adeel Bashir – Training Coordinator & Director

Currently in 2024 I am now a proud director of the company and continue to share the values of Att10tive by promoting our ethos to the wider community which is to educate, engage and empower people to be the best that they can be. My role also includes being a Training Coordinator and Mentor to support our Youth Ambassador’s at the company to help them develop and gain valuable life experiences. We held an amazing event called “ I Am Unique “ at the University of Bedfordshire where I worked as a Student Advisor, this was all about celebrating people’s ethnic backgrounds through creative arts.

I supported an Award Celebrations Event at The Chalk Hills Academy in January 2024 which recognised the achievements of both past and present members of Att10tive for their contributions. I was privileged to be recognised and awarded by my fellow peers in two different categories which were the “Leadership Award 2024” & “Team player award 2024“.  I aim to continue to empower and inspire different generations through actively participating in a new range of workshops, projects, and events to make positive contributions in different communities.

Arriana Vararu – Executive Assistant 

My name is Arriana Vararu, I am 22 years old and am currently doing a masters. I am a Cognitive Science Researcher. In my spare time I tend to either create art, play instruments or go snowboarding. I have been part of the team since 2018, and am so grateful to have the continuous opportunity to contribute to the vision and impact Att10tive has. Over the years I have taken many roles and responsibilities, from project management to workshop facilitation, and even training police officers (I was one of the youngest police trainers in the UK).

Att10tive has helped me gain an outstanding understanding of the greater world and how it functions, and I always say Att10tive has been one of the best opportunities I have come across, especially for young people. Att10tive is full of enthusiasm and energy. Att10rive is able to teach so many skills and provide many experiences which are not as easily available outside of this organisation.

Crown Agabi – Team Leader Of Objectives

My name is Crown Agabi, aged 22. In July 2021, I became a youth ambassador for Att10tive, a decision I appreciate more as time passes, and now hold the position of Senior Team Lead. Att10tive has surpassed my expectations, providing me with opportunities to give back to my community, have my voice and opinions heard as well as opportunities that has helped in my growth by helping me develop and practise skills such as communication, networking, time management and many more skills that prove useful no matter where I find myself.
Joining Att10tive has honed my communication skills, a vital skill not typically taught in the education system. Through the abundant opportunities provided, I’ve earned to articulate myself effectively which has boosted my confidence as well as helped me to learn the value of my opinions and views. Att10tive’s dynamic team constantly inspires improvement, compelling me to constantly strive to be better and to do whatever I do with 100% dedication. I am eagerly looking forward to participating in upcoming projects, expanding my knowledge as I grow together with the team, as well as making further contributions to our community.

Laaibah Mujtaba – Executive Assistant

My name is Laaibah, I joined Att10tive as a Youth Ambassador in May 2022 and became Executive Assistant in July 2023. I thought it would be a great opportunity to help me develop skills to prepare me for the future.  I was right. Att10tive helped me develop my interpersonal skills, including teamwork, communication, planning, adaptability, time management and public speaking skills. During my time at Att10tive so far, I delivered workshops and attended many networking events such as: Police Crime Commissioners-Multi Faith event, Luton Fairness Task-Force, Well-being fair at LSFC and a Luton Town Football club Eric Morecombe suite event which focussed on development and master-planning of Luton.
Being an Att10tive member has allowed me be a part of the JPS (Joint Protective Services) Scrutiny Panel, which oversees the armed, road and dogs policing units across the three counties, Professional Standards Department (PSD) Scrutiny Panel, Communications and Media, Creating Posters, Flyers and learning as well as improving my Photography. It has now been nearly 2 years since I joined Att10tive, I can proudly say that it has been a great experience so far. I am looking forward to developing my skills further and growing as a team to achieve more.

Ruth Mac-Moniobo – Youth Ambassador

Hello! I’m Ruth Mac-Moniobo, currently 19 years old, and I’ve been with Att10tive since December 2022. Starting as a youth ambassador, I’ve embarked on a journey of continuous learning, recently stepping into the role of deputy team leader- which has been my biggest achievement so far and a pleasure. During my time at Att10tive, I’ve actively participated in initiatives like co-hosting ‘Public and the Police’ and ‘Youthology.’ These experiences have nurtured my communication and organisational skills, crucial for driving projects forward. Furthermore, I’ve also supported numerous workshops, allowing me to learn how to successfully engage an audience amongst many more useful skills such as patience and adaptability.
Beyond Att10tive, I indulge in diverse interests such as chess, gym workouts, and exploring Greek mythology. Each pursuit contributes to my personal growth and development, fostering creativity, resilience, and critical thinking. Overall, I’d consider myself someone who loves learning and takes joy in accumulating new skill/knowledge. I see feedback as an opportunity to grow and I never take any feedback personally. As I navigate my journey, I remain committed to learning and growth, eagerly embracing new challenges and opportunities. I’m enthusiastic about the future and the potential to make a meaningful impact within Att10tive and the wider community.

Manveer Singh – Youth Ambassador

Hi, my name is Manveer Singh. I am a Youth Ambassador for Att10tive and have been one since October 2021. Whilst it has only been a few months I have been grateful for taking part in a lot of things since my time here. Through doing some of these activities, I have been able to build a lot of skills that are useful in working life and for my studies.
Some of the skills I have been able to learn are using applications such as Prezi, which has a unique format for making presentations which I highly recommend. I have been grateful to represent this organisation in a lot of meetings within the JPS scrutiny panel as well as taking new opportunities in learning new things such as poetry which I really have a passion for now. What makes this experience unique is that I do not find any other organisation that provides so many opportunities such as Att10tive. I can become more confident in expressing myself, balancing my studies and my life outside of it. Outside of Att10tive I am very occupied with working in Performing Arts, keeping myself active with exercise and gym as well as being a student at Luton Sixth Form College.

Amber Aziz – Team Leader Of Progression

My name is Amber Aziz and I have been a part of Att10tive since November 2021. I initially joined Att10tive through a work experience week advertised by my college. After seeing how much I learn in the span of the week as well as all the influential figures that I met during the week. Since then, I have able to deliver multiple workshops to various schools and colleges across Luton while also being able to deliver a workshop to the police through the Luton fairness task force. Additionally, I have been able to get involved with the JPS panel which had been a great way to use my voice and assess police use of force. This is beneficial for me as one day I hope to get a job in the legal sector and through this opportunity I have learnt a lot more about the legal sector. Att10tive has allowed me to get more involved in our local community where I have developed various transferrable skills that I can use in Att10tive, my university life and my personal life. I hope to be a part of the team for many years to come!

Daneem Muhammad Abdurahmanova – Youth Ambassador

Hi, my name is Daneem Abdurahmanova and I joined ATT10TIVE in December 2021. I first heard about ATT10TIVE through my Sixth Form college when signing up to their work experience week during the October half term, I wanted to gain some work experience and I instantly applied and then I successfully became a youth ambassador. Joining ATT10TIVE so far has been the best thing I’ve done as you always feel welcomed and the team members are always there when you need help. It also has helped me gain lots of skills such as teamwork, confidence and one of the most important ones is time management. Joining ATT10TIVE made me understand that my voice matters, communicating with others can make a difference.

Att10tive always prepares you to strive towards success. This is done through feedback, and the better you take it, the more improvement and difference you notice. This has helped me when using the skills I’ve learned at Att10tive and transferring them to work or university, where I always stand out because the knowledge Att10tive provides is always noticeable. For example, I am part of the JPS scrutiny panel, where we assess whether the use of force by the police was reasonable. This is one of the topics I study at university and knowing that I have the knowledge in advance makes me feel very fortunate.

Katerina Isaja – Youth Ambassador

My name is Katerina Isaja, I joined Att10tive in September of 2022, I am so happy I did. I originally joined because I had just finished university and wanted to learn some life skills and develop myself as an individual. Since joining Att10tive, I have gained so many new skills. One of the first events I attended was the ‘Luton Fairness Taskforce’. This was a great event to go to as I was introduced to many influential people in Luton.

At Att10tive, I am also the lead host for Public and the Police. Radio show. Att10tive has allowed me to have a platform and gain radio hosting skills if it was not for Att10tive, I do not know if I would be in the position I am now, where I am not only hosting but also producing ideas for radio shows. I have co-hosted events such as ‘I am Unique’ and the Att10tive’s celebration event. I’ve made posters using Canva and workshop materials on Prezi. If it weren’t for being a youth ambassador, I doubt I would have ever thought about half the skills I have now gained. This has helped me as an individual, and to make a positive impact in my community.