Att10tive Workshops

Att10tive offer a range of fit for purpose interactive bespoke workshops. We use a whole range of learning styles to get the learning message across. These include questionnaires, flipcharts, quizzes, puzzles, PowerPoint, videos and group-work to ensure our participants are always fully engaged.

Our workshops are written by us and are not off the shelf. Each one is unique and has a learning outcome. All aimed at ensuring full active participation. The age ranges are either open to the wider community (any age) or for specific target groups such as local authority employees, classrooms, businesses, police forces or charity staff. If you are interested in any of our workshops topics contact Att10tive today.

Solutions & another way

Another Way and Solutions are two bespoke workshops aimed at raising awareness of knife crime and gang crime. These sessions will enable participants to share their understanding of the issues and the solutions that can provide them with alternative pathways for them and their peers. Another Way is 50 minutes and Solutions is 100 minutes – a double lesson. Both are delivered with our partners and are interactive. Participants will learn of many support organisations, pathways and strategies.

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Leadership & Management Masterclass

The aim of this workshop is to prepare young people at school, college or university to understand what attributes make a good leader and actions they can take to develop at an early stage strong leadership and management techniques and behaviours

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Life Skills Masterclass

The aim of this workshop is to help develop some of those critical transferable skills such as presentation skills, using your initiative, being adaptable, multi tasking, teamwork and communication skills

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Youth Safety Day

Att10tive worked with a range of partners to put on a Youth Safety day at Putteridge High School, for more than 800 young people over two days. Our partners who supported this included Luton Borough Council, Bedfordshire Police, Succeed Mentoring, Link to Change and Youturn Futures. 

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Training Youth Ambassadors

Att10tive trains young people to become youth ambassadors in their communities. The skills learned include, being a role model,. management and leadership. event planning, managing risks and the benefits of networking. These pictures are of Youth Ambassadors being trained at Samuel Whitbread Academy.

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B The Change

The aim of this workshop is to address the issue on bullying. The focus is mainly for young people to learn how they can undertake positive social action and at the same time address bullying behaviours. This workshop includes What is the definition of bullying  

  • How students can play a role in prevention   
  • What role can teachers and youth workers play 
  • Where can we obtain other help support and advice from  

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Employability Skills

This workshop is aimed at year 10 In secondary school students or students studying at colleges (aged 16 to 19). The aim of this workshop is for students to have a real insight about the world of work and how it differs from their current environment. 

One of the main outcomes of this workshop is to provide participants with a clear understanding of  the public, private and third sectors, the cross synergies and transferable  goals between them for example. All sectors have people who work in customer service who require good communications skills, good time management and all sectors have administrators and managers. The workshop explores the types of skills knowledge and experiences required to make your working career a success. 

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Future Begins Today

This training programme is split into six 90 minute segments. Each segment will include short presentations, flip chart exercises, questions and answer sheets, worksheets and video questions.  

The goal is to enable participants to understand the requirements from the world of work. This includes the most important transferable skills, what they are, how to acquire them and  how to showcase these skills. The workshop includes advanced CV writing and interview techniques.

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Procedural Justice

This training workshop is aimed at Police Officers. The workshop introduces the concept of procedural justice in the interactions of members of our communities. The method is for officers to act with the acronym FIRST, Fair, Impartial respectul sympathetic and to build trust in all actions. Officers are invited to use their powers with impartiality, use force to the degree necessary and proportionately.

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Reflect & Rethink

The Rethink workshop invites participants to reflect on their beliefs, behaviours and attitudes with the aim of encouraging empathy and compassion to people who are different to themselves. 

Participants learn that their beliefs inform their attitudes, which in turn impacts on their behaviours. This can lead to hate crimes, bullying and discrimination. The change begins  with each individual influencing the powers that be.

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Stop & Think

This workshop is aimed a breaking down the root causes of lifestyles that can lead to knife crime. The workshop is split into two different cohorts. The first cohort is young people between 8 and 14 and the second target group is 15 to early 20’s.  

Providing workshops to hundreds of young people from across the county has been hugely beneficial not only for the targeted  group of young people who may be involved but also for the wider group of society who may not have been involved directly themselves.    Click here for STOP & THINK EXHIBITION GALLERY. 

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