Att10tive Teamwork

At Att10tive we provide opportunities for our team members to develop and enhance a whole range of life skills by helping to run projects and workshops. Developing workshop material, engaging with people from a variety of backgrounds, different ages and for different purposes. Our staff learn skills that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity of developing in their everyday lives.

Training Youth Ambassadors

Att10tive trains young people to become youth ambassadors in their communities. The skills learned include, being a role model,. management and leadership. event planning, managing risks and the benefits of networking. These pictures are of Youth Ambassadors being trained at Samuel Whitbread Academy. 

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Developing Creative Skills

The aim of this workshop is to prepare young people at school, college or university to understand what attributes make a good leader and actions they can take to develop at an early stage strong leadership and management techniques and behaviours

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Showcasing Presentation Skills

Presentation skills is one of those important skills which isn’t usually taught in schools and colleges. People often learn by doing. We teach people to understand the importance of providing material for their audiences to get the message across. Presentation skills is a great tool to build your confidence and self esteem.

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Attention to Detail

Providing opportunities for you to show how you apply the attribute of attention to detail is a wonderful skill to put on your CV and also to use in any job role. It allows individuals to be more diligent.

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Problem Solving Skills

The ability to problem solve is one of those really important attributes which you can apply in many situations and job roles for the rest of your life.

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