Att10tive Projects

Our projects have the aim to bring communities together, often engaging with people who wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to meet. In addition, running events and projects enables us to develop project management, critical thinking, leadership skills and life skills to our team members. Att10tive projects have a major impact on budding cohesion and tackling exclusion.

Culture Storm

This project took place in 2017 and was our first project.  People took part from a wide range of places as well  as  independent individuals The aim of this was to  bring  people together who would never normally meet. This  included people from youth groups, colleges ,the University’s cheerleading team, performers and dancers.  Culture storm was a riot of performance, music, dance and film.


Community Cohesion Through Cuisine

This project took place in 2018 This project celebrated the diversity of Bedfordshire by offering food broth different ethnicities of people who live within the county. The foods were provided to people in Luton and Bedford and included Indian, Jamaican, Romanian, Pakistani, Polish, English and included  dumplings, patties curries (Vegetarian / halal), fruit, and sweets.

Community Cohesion5
Community Cohesion6

One Luton

This project which took place in 2019 celebrated the town of Luton by using film, photography, poetry, storytelling and dance. It also provided food from Eastern Europe, the Indian sub continent, English food  and food from the Caribbean.

One Luton was a collaboration between Att10tive and some of our key partners including Next generation Youth Theater, Luton Tigers, the rapper Si Phil and Luton Sixth Form College. One Luton provided the opportunity for people to use media forms such as video and photography for the first time and display these in front of a town wide forum of VIPs from a wide range of organisations.


Stop & Think Exhibition

This project took place in 2020. The focus was to encourage people to provide artwork and a play about knife crime. Our partners included Sundon Park Arts, Icknield High School, Barnfield College, Romania Link organisation and students from Luton Sixth Form College.