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Montell Neufville

Managing Director


My background is in community engagement, police officer training, Youth leadership, workshop facilitation and non formal learning.

I set up Att10tive Social Enterprise in 2016 to fill a gap of providing young people with the opportunity to make a positive difference in their communities, at the same time develop their own interpersonal skills and gain experiences that they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity through the normal course of their life journeys.

We work for a large range of organisations inducing public bodies such as schools, colleges, universities and police forces. We work with businesses and charities, youth groups and community groups as well as local authorities. We engage everyone from every background and with every ability.

We facilitate opportunities for all members of communities and our participants in public service to work together to build a more cohesive society. We provide a varied range of enrichment experiences for our participants. We are passionate about providing opportunities for people to enjoy their learning no matter how old or how young they are.

Habibah Miah

Executive Assistant


My name is Habibah and I am an Executive Assistant at ATT10TIVE. Being a part of this organisation since 2016 has allowed me to grow and develop in so many different ways.  For example, by working on both in person and virtual events such as OneLuton and Looking Through the Window, I have been able to gain crucial life skills such as adaptability and using creativity in unconventional ways.

I have had the opportunity to work with groups of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, hence developing my verbal and non-verbal communication skills, as well as my public speaking skills to deliver workshops and presentations in both an informative and engaging way.  I was given the unique opportunity to be on the interview panel for hiring new Youth Ambassadors; this allowed me to sit on the other end of the table and learn how an interviewer thinks- this continues to be an asset in my life as I am frequently being interviewed through education and employment.

Having the opportunity to co-host my own radio show was a surreal experience, one that I had always dreamed of doing but never saw a way, but this became a reality with ATT10TIVE. Not only was it a fun and exciting experience, I got to talk about important topics impacting the youth of today, and shed light on some of these struggles. I also had the pleasure of embarking on a youth exchange to France where I was pushed out of my comfort zone, challenged with language barriers and introduced to different cultures and customs, therefore enhancing my problem solving skills. 

During my time there, I had the opportunity to debate with young people across Europe about the effects of Brexit, as well as participating in video making and photography workshops. This was a very unique opportunity that many other young people do not have access to and was by far one of my favourite memories being a member of ATT10TIVE. Being a part of ATT10TIVE  has allowed me to grow, personally and professionally, giving me skills to overcome challenges that many young people face through education and in life. However, I have been able to use my platform at ATT10TIVE to help others on their journeys. I look forward to continuing my journey here as an Executive Assistant and am excited for future opportunities. 

Natalia Duda

Youth Amassador


My name is Natalia Duda, and I joined ATT10TIVE in November 2020. I first heard about ATT10TIVE through my Sixth Form college when signing up to their work experience week during the October half term. I found this experience very valuable as it revealed to me how important personal development is and what I need to work on. Without a thought I applied and successfully became a youth ambassador. Joining ATT10TIVE has helped me gain confidence and understand that my voice matters, even as a young individual; that I can make a difference. During the work experience I got to meet four friendly members which later on helped me settle in and feel a part of their team. Montell helps us develop transferable skills, such as time management and presentation skills, and many tools which are vital and helpful for our future careers. Att10tive has taught me how important community cohesion is and how to communicate effectively. I am looking forward to the upcoming projects and opportunities att10tive social enterprise has planned.

Laaibah Mujtaba 

Executive Assistant


My name is Laaibah I joined Att10tive as a Youth Ambassador in May 2022 and become an Executive Assistant as of July 2023. I heard of Att10tive through my Sixth Form. I thought it would be a great opportunity to help me develop new skills in order to prepare me for the future so I decided to apply.  I was right. It has really helped me improve my existing skills

Att10tive has helped me develop my interpersonal skills, such as: teamwork, communication, planning, problem-solving, time management, and public speaking skills from which I have learnt a lot and continue to learn.

Being a part of Att10tive has also taught me to take any opportunity that comes my way as I may end up enjoying it. I’m now more prepared to take risks as they’ll never come across as mistakes and they’ll only teach you lessons to remember in the future.

During my time at Att10tive so far I have attended many networking events and workshops such as: the Police Crime Commissioners -Multi Faith event, Luton Fairness Task-Force  and future planning event. The Well-being fair  at LSFC and  an event at Luton Town Football club Eric Morecombe suite which was focussed on the development and master-planning of Luton

Being a member of Att10tive has allowed me be a part of the JPS (Joint Protective Services) Scrutiny Panel, which oversees the armed police, road police and dogs policing units across the three counties,  the Professional Standards Department (PSD)Scrutiny Panel, Communications and Media, Creating Posters, Flyers and learning as well as improving my Photography.

It has now been just over a year since I joined Att10tive, I can proudly say that it has been a great experience  so far. I am looking forward to develop my skills further and grow as a team to achieve the best we can.

Julia Popielarek

Executive Assistant

julia-200x200 copy

Hi! My name is Julia Popielarek and I joined Att10tive in May 2021, with my main motivation being to develop skills that aren’t focused on in a classroom environment. Since joining Att10tive I have acquired a vast spectrum of skills which are essential in becoming a well-rounded individual. These skills range from navigating poster making software like Canva, making informational videos, mentoring other Youth Ambassadors and being able to host a radio show.

Additionally, joining Att10tive has led me to becoming more confident in my work and in everyday life as I had to adapt to being able to express myself eloquently and efficiently. Working with Att10tive has made me realize that letting young people work on their own accord with only slight adult supervision can work, and should be the way forward in society as it gives the youth a voice, not just for show, but for actual communication of ideas and concerns. This is particularly important especially since I have experienced how simple and enjoyable communication with people in higher authority is throughout my time as a radio host, an oppurtunity which not many young people have.

Being part of Att10tive has made me more aware of the importance of community, both through the organisation itself as well as the guests I had the pleasure to converse with during radio shows. I look forward to the upcoming projects and initiatives Att10tive has planned! 

Arriana Vararu

Executive Assistant


My name is Arriana Vararu, I am 18, and in my spare time I tend to either create art, play instruments or go snowboarding. I have been part of ATT10TIVE for almost 2 years now, and it has been by far the most wonderful experience I could’ve had as a transition into adulthood.

Upon joining, I was introduced to several transferable skills such as time management and was even taught how to be a project manager for One Luton, a project which concentrated on the cohesion of the diverse communities in Luton. This was by far one of the most eye-opening skills. As most young people are almost never considered in higher demanding positions (managing an event, being responsible for a larger number of people, etc). I believe I have gained an outstanding understanding of the greater world and how it functions

At the time, I found myself slightly overwhelmed by the sudden freedom and responsibilities, however that has pushed me into becoming a more resilient and goal driven individual. Overall, Att10tive has been one of the best opportunities I have come across. It has taught me everything ranging between people skills and organisation skills which I would never have gotten the chance to learn in any other place. If given the chance to go back in time I would one hundred percent still follow through and be where I currently am.  

Adeel Bashir

Partnership Coordinator


Hi, my name’s Adeel Bashir, I joined Att10tive Social Enterprise in September 2018 as an Engagement Coordinator. My journey started by observing and assisting in workshops at Colleges and Schools. I then attended a wide range of networking events. At these events I met a lot of influential people and organisations most of whom I didn’t know even existed and learned things about the town which I was not aware of, this motivated me to get even more involved.

My first project was One Luton which was a celebration of Luton using media, dance, and the creative arts. My next project was the “Stop & Think” Exhibition about knife crime. I learned so much through these projects including how to better engage with people. These opportunities also taught me presentation skills, communication skills and made me a better team player. My third project was called ‘ Another way’. I’m so proud to work with a wonderful diverse team which has given me the opportunity & platform to learn further & gain more life skills. I’ve been able to improve my CV by having many practical experiences to reference and it’s also helped my mental health and well-being. Att10tive is about making a positive difference in people’s lives and improving the community. Through my work with Att10tive I won Luton’s Best award; “Role Model of the Year 2019”, which is my proudest achievement to-date. 

As I have continued my journey onwards in 2022 , I have managed to translate what I have learnt in becoming a full-time Progress Coach at Luton Sixth Form College. I work closely with over 200 students a week delivering a scheme of work as well as developing there independent learning skills making them better equipped for the real world. At10tive has given me a fantastic opportunity to continue learning further skills through activities such as creating motivational videos, making appearances on Auk radio as well as being a part of Youth Ambassador training where I have learnt a range of new life skills building my knowledge and confidence. Through working with Att10tive I have liaised with different departments to raise awareness to students at the College. I feel this is a wonderful opportunity for people to get involved. 

Amber Aziz

Team Leader Of Progression

amber-200x200 copy

My name is Amber Aziz and I joined Att10tive in November 2021. I heard about Att10tive through my college where I signed up to be a part of a work experience in October. Going into the work experience week I did not think I would apply to be a youth ambassador by the end of it but my mind quickly changed. During the work experience week i met influential people in the community which is a opportunity I could have only gotten through Att10tive.

Att10tive has helped me give back to the community through workshops for high schools educating them on important topics. They also help me and other youth ambassadors feel like our voices are heard by allowing us to be a part of different panels with subjects that we are passionate about. The Managing Director Montell has helped us all learn transferable skills which benefit us both in school and in our carers. He has also taught us the importance of networking and how that’s beneficial. Being a part of Att1otive I hope to learn new skills and help make a difference in our community. We cannot strive for change if we are not willing to go out and help make change. 

Crown Agabi

Team Leader Of Objectives

My name is Crown Agabi, I am 20 years old, and I became a youth ambassador for Att10tive in July 2021. Applying for Att10tive proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve made; I applied for Att10tive as a way to give back to my community and as a way to get my voice heard, and Att10tive has provided more than I asked.
Since joining Att10tive I’ve gained several new transferable skills which I never gained through the education system, a major one being communication as Att10tive not only provided several platforms and methods for my voice to be heard but also encouraged me to further improve my communication skills. This in turn helped me see the value of my opinions and as a result increased my self-confidence.
A huge part of Att10tive that I love is the team members, I love how everyone strives to improve which motivates me to strive to be better and to put 100 percent into whatever I do.
I look forward to the projects I will be involved in and how much I’ll learn and take from it, as well as how much more I’ll be able to contribute to our community.

Daneem Abdurahmanova

Youth Ambassador


Hi, my name is Daneem Abdurahmanova and I joined ATT10TIVE in December 2021. I first heard about ATT10TIVE through my Sixth Form college when signing up to their work experience week during the October half term, I wanted to gain some work experience and I instantly applied and then I successfully became a youth ambassador. Joining ATT10TIVE so far has been the best thing I’ve done as you always feel welcomed and the team members are always there when you need help. It also has helped me gain lots of skills such as teamwork, confidence and one of the most important ones is time management. Joining ATT10TIVE made me understand that my voice matters, communicating with others can make a difference.

Montell is always there to help all of us into learning and developing new transferable skills, such as time management and different range of tools which will be helpful for our future careers, so far I’ve learned how to use Canva for our YouTube Channel. Montell gives the opportunity to young people to join and make a difference in our community such as joining the JPS Scrutiny Panel. I am looking forward for what’s coming in our new projects for this year 2022 and bring a positive role as a Youth Ambassador.

Hamza Shafi

Youth Ambassador

hamza-200x200 copy

My name is Hamza, I am 17 years old and I joined Att10tive as a Youth Ambassador in September 2021. In August, I attended a workshop where I learnt and improved many skills such as communication, chess, teamwork and much more. Throughout my time in Att10tive and in college, I have applied several of these skills. 

In addition to this, I discovered different types of software to create content, one of the most useful being Canva to create videos and posters as a part of the BSafe project. One of the key skills I learnt from this was time management which benefited my productivity. At the moment, I have been creating animation videos, covering a variety of topics to spread awareness for example, sexual harassment and self-harm. Through Att10tive, I was also able to become a member on the Police Scrutiny Panel for Bedfordshire. By joining the panel and Att10tive, it has allowed me to have the opportunity to voice my ideas and be heard. 

In the last 6 months, communicating with the colleagues on projects and tasks increased my public speaking and self-confidence majorly. This has allowed me to reach out to my more skilled peers for support when needed without feeling anxious. I look forward to working with the team at Att10tive further on upcoming projects and activities, meeting new people and continuing to learn valuable skills that will be applicable in the future

Katerina Isaja

Youth Ambassador


Hey, my name is Katerina Isaja, and I am a Youth Ambassador at Att10tive. I joined Att101ive in September of 2022 and honestly, I am so happy I did. I originally joined because I had just finished university studying law and wanted to learn some life skills and develop myself as an individual.

Since joining Att10tive I have gained so many new skills. One of the first events I attended was the ‘Luton Fairness Taskforce’ day. This was a great event to go to as I was introduced to many influential people in Luton, I did not realise how many people there are working together to improve Luton. I would say this definitely made me think differently about Luton and I was able to have my own input on how Luton could be developed. Also, I saw how appreciated Youth Ambassadors are, as I was greeted with many “we are so happy to have you here” and “thank yous” for having us as young people, I saw how valued our opinions are. Further to this I developed networking skills, photography skills, communication skills and the chance to have my voice be heard.

This is only one of the events I have done since being with Att10tive. I am also a radio host. I love speaking with people and sharing opinions, Att10tive allowed me to have a platform and gain radio hosting skills. I love radio hosting and if it was not for Att10tive I do not know if I would be in the position I am now where I am not only hosting, but also producing ideas for radio shows.

At Att10tive I am also part of the Police Scrutiny Panel. This is a privilege to be a part of as I am really into social justice. Therefore, being able to be part of a panel which makes sure the police are using their powers correctly was really interesting to me. This is just a small look into what I have done at Att10tive. As I have also learned how to use Canva, project management skills, time management and many more.

If it wasn’t for being a youth ambassador, I doubt I would have ever thought about half the skills I have now gained. This has helped me as an individual and I hope to share these skills to make a positive impact in my community.

Manveer Singh

Youth Ambassador


Manveer Ssingh

Hi, my name is Manveer Singh. I am a Youth Ambassador for Att10tive and have been one since October 2021. Whilst it has only been a few months I have been grateful for taking part in a lot of things since my time here. Through doing some of these activities, I have been able to build a lot of skills that are useful in working life and for my studies. 

Some of the skills I have been able to learn are using applications such as Prezi, which has a unique format for making presentations which I highly recommend. I have been grateful to represent this organisation in a lot of meetings within the JPS scrutiny panel as well as taking new opportunities in learning new things such as poetry which I really have a passion for now. 

What makes this experience unique is that I do not find any other organisation that provides so many opportunities such as Att10tive. I can become more confident in expressing myself, balancing my studies and my life outside of it. 

Outside of Att10tive I am very occupied with working in Performing Arts, keeping myself active with exercise and gym as well as being a student at Luton Sixth Form College. 

Ruth Mac-Moniobo

Youth Ambassador


Hi! I’m Ruth Mac-Moniobo, I’m an 18-year-old who joined Att10tive in December 2022. I learned about Att10tive during a school assembly and was instantly captivated, which led me to apply. Since becoming a youth ambassador at Att10tive, I have acquired numerous valuable interpersonal skills and life lessons that have been incredibly beneficial.

One significant advantage of Att10tive over traditional educational systems is that skills are learned by practising them. For example, being on the radio for ‘Shine a Light’ and co-facilitating workshops have improved my communication skills drastically. It has taught me how to articulate myself effectively and get my point across concisely, making my speech clearer and easier to understand.

I was also part of the planning team for ‘I Am Unique,’ which taught me the importance of project planning, time management, and organisation. Following the project from start to finish was fascinating, and I also had the opportunity to attend a meeting with the JPS scrutiny panel which provides critical insight and feedback on how the police use force in their daily interactions with people. This provided me with an eye-opening perspective on the police and the behind-the-scenes workings of the justice system. As someone who plans to study law at university and aspires of becoming an international lawyer, this was an incredible experience.

Aside from my involvement with Att10tive in my free time I enjoy going to the gym, playing chess, and reading fantasy or historical fiction especially Greek myth. I’m always eager to learn new skills and become a well-rounded individual, and I’m excited for what the future holds with Att10tive!

Tayeb Chowdhury

Youth Ambassador


My name is Tayeb Chowdhury. After having the opportunity to learn about Att10tive through an assembly in my school, I had decided to apply due to the encouragement from my peers and teachers who advised me to grasp the opportunity provided, resulting in my successful application allowing me to officially join Att10tive as a Youth Ambassador in January of 2023.

From the very beginning of my journey with Att10tive, I have had numerous opportunities to develop my skills. As well as being able to have a plethora of experiences that I doubt I

would have ever partook in otherwise. From attending the Bedfordshire & Luton Community Foundation networking event, to speaking on the Youthology radio show, and promoting the I Am Unique event; I have already been exposed to a variety of involvements helping me to further develop myself as an individual. Due to my curious personality type, I am always astounded and interested in trying new things and dabbling in different fields. Resulting in me able to take all the new experiences in stride as they will be vital in my individual improvement as experience is what I lack at my age.

I am excited for all the future prospects I will gain, and I look forward to learning much

more about aspects like management, event co-ordinating and photography (as it is an old hobby I am excited to reignite). Especially so, as these are the aspects that most enticed me to join as I aim for a career in management, and I also personally really enjoy the satisfaction of hosting a successful event.

As I continue on in my time at Att10tive, I am eager to gather even more skills, and be able to utilise everything that Att10tive provides to nourish the youth in our community. To anyone thinking of joining Att10tive, there may be times where the work may be outside of your comfort zone but the variety of skills you enhance as a result is well worth the time and effort. So, I would definitely recommend joining and getting to know our diverse team as we have so many amazing and unique people to get to know.

Former Att10tive Members

Lorell Scott

Assistant Training Coordinator


Lorell Scott: I joined Att10tive last April and during my time at Att10tive I have been involved in many projects and workshops such as Looking through the window, Employability Skills, Self-Employment, Event and Project Planning, Understanding Stop & Search, Chess and Mental Health Awareness to name a few. I have delivered workshops and training to students from Luton Sixth Form College and Central Beds College, and even Bedfordshire Police Officers, and I hope to continue to make a difference in my community and to bring people from many different races, religions, cultures and social backgrounds together.

I wish to learn more about different cultures and to become more educated about the people in my town and across the entire country. I also wish to help people who may be suffering from mental health issues to find help, especially in these hard times. I am passionate about how I believe mental health problems should be treated as much as any other health problems.

Natalia Duda

Youth Ambassador


My name is Natalia Duda, and I joined ATT10TIVE in November 2020. I first heard about ATT10TIVE through my Sixth Form college when signing up to their work experience week during the October half term. I found this experience very valuable as it revealed to me how important personal development is and what I need to work on. Without a thought I applied and successfully became a youth ambassador. Joining ATT10TIVE has helped me gain confidence and understand that my voice matters, even as a young individual; that I can make a difference. During the work experience I got to meet four friendly members which later on helped me settle in and feel a part of their team. Montell helps us develop transferable skills, such as time management and presentation skills, and many tools which are vital and helpful for our future careers. Att10tive has taught me how important community cohesion is and how to communicate effectively. I am looking forward to the upcoming projects and opportunities att10tive social enterprise has planned.

Raquel Thomas-Omotosho

Youth Ambassador


Hello, my name is Raquel Thomas-Omotosho, and I joined Att10tive as an ambassador in August 2022. After finishing my degree, I was looking for professional experience and to fill gaps in my skills. After conversing with Montell about Att10tive and the role it plays in the community I decided to apply, and I’m glad I did because despite only being a youth ambassador for a short time I’ve already gained many new skills through training led by other youth ambassadors, such as learning photography, gaining a deeper understanding of equality, diversity, and inclusion, making videos, and taking notes in meetings.

I had the opportunity to represent Att10tive almost immediately after becoming a youth ambassador by presenting a poem and speaking at the Luton fairness forum. Speaking on this occasion provided me with the opportunity to be a part of the planning and decision-making processes in the town where I live, which I would not have been able to access or even be aware of had I not been a part of Att10tive.

I’ve also had the opportunity to co-host Att10tivies Youthology radio show which is another skill I never imagined I’d enjoy or have the opportunity to try. Participating in these activities has greatly increased my confidence, improved my communication skills, and broadened my view of what I am capable of.

During youth ambassador week I met influential people from across our community and learned leadership and decision-making skills, as well as a better understanding of local politics and the police force. Being a youth ambassador has increased my awareness of what is going on in my community and sparked a desire in me to make a positive difference in Luton. This is a fantastic opportunity; there’s something for everyone, and seeing the growth and confidence of the other youth ambassadors in what are often very short periods of time is really inspiring. I’m excited to see what Att10tive has in store for me next.

Nimra Muhammad

Youth Ambassador


My name is Nimra Muhammad and I joined Att10tive in July 2021. I was first introduced to Att10tive thanks to my sixth form and decided to sign up for a week of work experience in order to evolve my capabilities and talents. Thanks to this opportunity, I was able to develop many transferable skills such as the ability to share and present my personal ideas to the world, collaborate with others and time management.  I am grateful for all of the activities in which I have been able to participate, especially creating posters with Canva, which has allowed me to express myself creatively without limitations.

As an immigrant, young woman and ethnically mixed individual, I have recognised the importance of supporting social issues which has led me to develop a passion and enthusiasm to use the team’s initiatives to promote values of equality, diversity and justice. Without a doubt, Montell has been a huge support leader throughout this journey, always inspiring and motivating the rest of the team to achieve great things. I now feel much empowered to pursue my dreams and I have learned that even as a young person, my voice counts to express the real needs of young people. Without Att10tive, I would not have progressed in reinforcing my strengths and putting them to good use for the benefit of the community and young people.

Naomi Holden

Youth Ambassador


My name is Naomi Holden, I am 20 years old and I became a youth ambassador for Att10tive in April 2022. My first insight into Att10tive was when I attended their work experience week; I quickly realised I was gaining knowledge and experience that traditional educational establishments simply could not provide. As a result of this I soon decided that joining Att10tive was an invaluable opportunity for me.

Despite only being a youth ambassador for a few months; my growth during this time is evident. Att10tive has also nurtured my creativity by teaching me how to write poetry and use it to express myself.

Additionally I have been trained to use software such as, Davinci resolve and Canva. I also attended JPS panel training where I was taught the necessary skills to allow me to potentially sit on the police scrutiny panel. The first event that I attended with Att10tive was the PCC youth conference event with Att10tive; here I experienced first-hand the positive impact that Att10tive is making in the local community and surrounding areas. At this event I also had the opportunity to network and meet many influential people in my community who were in attendance such as the Police Crime Commissioner.

Another event I attended was the Putteridge high school Att10tive event that focused on educating students of all ages about the dangers of drugs and sexting. This event was a major learning opportunity for me as I simultaneously learned new information on the topics discussed and improved my public speaking skills as I had never spoken in front of an audience of that size before.

I also have attended project management training and Att10tive ideas hubs which helped me to gauge the immense amount of planning that is behind every Att10tive event and understand how the ideas behind our events are generated.

I have always been a highly motivated person and Att10tive is the perfect organisation to help and support me to channel that motivation into making a positive difference in my local community. The next project that Att10tive is working on is the “I am Unique” project which focuses on engaging young people through arts and poetry. As a martial artist of over 5 years I have a particular interest in this project and I aim to use my experience in martial arts to aid in the planning and execution of this project as best as I can; as I am exceedingly passionate about the arts and poetry.

I am eagerly anticipating a future where I continue to expand my skills and knowledge with Att10tive.

Oliwia Woloszyn

Youth Ambassador


Hi, I’m Oliwia, I joined att10tive in October 2021 through a work experience opportunity my college gave me in the half term. Although I’m a quiet and introverted character I’m constantly supported and inspired by my colleagues that continue  to help me through my journey. I can confidently say that being in att10tive allowed me to get out of my comfort zone that I’ve trapped myself in and stimulated my personal growth as a mature teenager. A teenager that feels very free from the broken chains from social and speech anxiety. Learning how to multitask between college and being a youth ambassador at att10tive has been a challenging but very rewarding as I can visually see how much I changed and grew in confidence when communicating with my peers.

I am constantly given many opportunities to develop my skills in a variety of ways that I think will be very beneficial for my future self. Some of these skills are cognitive skills, concentration capacity and memory through chess. By forming Bsafe videos and posters I feel like I’m having a lifelong positive impact by advocating safety in young people, which empowered me to continue my journey. By being given the possibility to experience networking discussions like the JPS panel, and educational trainings for presentations, communication and Digital skills, I’ve realised how learning new skills can be a confidence booster and the importance of discussions of recent events. All these opportunities allowed me to recognise my own strengths and weaknesses, therefore being a youth ambassador help me point out the changes I personally must do in my life to improve the quality of other people’s lives. All I can say is that so far, my experience as a youth ambassador was nothing but positive.

Kiera Pearce

Youth Ambassador


Hi! My name is Kiera Pearce and I joined Att10tive in November 2021. My main reason for joining was to build confidence and develop skills for my future career, especially skills that we do not learn in school.

So far, I have learned about blog writing and have managed to write my own blog on time management and I have also learned how to use Canva to create videos and posters, which I have found to be relaxing and unique. As well as this, I have also had the opportunity to be a guest on the radio show called Youthology on AUK Radio, which I will hopefully soon be co-hosting on. I expressed an interest in co-hosting the radio because I like to stream in my free time, and the radio seemed similar to that in some aspects. When I was a guest, I found the experience to be enjoyable and insightful, as I learned about things that I would never have learned about in school.

I’m also in the poetry group at Att10tive, and these sessions have been really fun and interesting. I’ve enjoyed learning about poetry from different cultures, such as Japanese and Urdu poetry. I’ve also enjoyed learning more about English poetry as well, such as different rhyming schemes.  As well as this, the sessions have been very engaging as I get to hear everyone’s ideas, and we get to bounce ideas off of each other to develop a poem.

In the future, I am hoping to further develop my confidence, as well as skills such as presentation skills and my leadership skills as well as other skills that I would need for my future career.

Hadia Tasadduq

Youth Ambassador


Hi, my name is Hadia, I’m 16 and I joined Att10tive in November 2021 as a Youth Ambassador. I was first introduced to Att10tive in October 2021, after joining their work experience for a week, and soon realised that this was an amazing opportunity for me to grow as an individual whilst improving our community. In a short period of time, I learnt a variety of transferable skills and took part in a range of activities, including making a blog on Emotional Intelligence, creating a video on Safety for Women and Violence, and partaking in the Att10tive poetry group, in which we learn how to make poems across many cultures, including in Urdu and Japanese. These are some of the many opportunities available at this social enterprise, where others include attending the scrutiny panel, making a communication plan, managing and organising events and posting on social media- All of these play a pivotal role in improving your overall knowledge and understanding.

I believe that Att10tive promotes community cohesion and inclusion while battling discrimination and prejudice, and provides a platform where the youth can participate in making a difference and allow their voice to be heard. Joining this social enterprise made me realise that even small decisions and steps can encourage positive change to occur, and how challenging yet enhancing the role of a Youth Ambassador can be.

I am eagerly looking forward to taking part in the opportunities available at Att10tive and help build a safer and connected society.

Benita Mehri

Youth Ambassador


Hello my name is Benita Mehri and I’m a Youth Ambassador at att10tive, I joined the team in November (2020) so I’m still a relatively new here, but I’ve already learned a lot a lot of practical and transferable skills since being here such as how to use various pieces of software to create presentations and animations as well as edit down longer videos to a shorter time frame.

I’ve also acquired some experience doing live presentations in front of an audience which has helped me gain confidence in public speaking as well as learning to think on my feet.

I’ve recently begun co-hosting a radio show called Youthology on AUK Radio as an ambassador for att10tive as a company which I’m pleased to say has developed me in many ways including learning to plan shows and organising meetings with my colleagues to discuss them. The skills I’ve learned are only the beginning of my journey at att10tive and I hope to gain an even wider range of transferable work/life skills whilst at Att10tive.

What led me to pursue a youth ambassador role at att10tive was my interest in getting involved in communities as well as youth work and learning skills that can aid me in growing as a person because I feel that you’re never too young to get involved in community projects and never too old to learn new life skills.

I feel there has also been an improvement in my public speaking and confidence by taking part in educational workshops in schools and colleges which cater for many different learning-styles and advocate good communication between all members of the community.

Wissal Ettawri

Youth Ambassador


My name is Wissal Ettawri, I’m 18 and I’ve been a Youth Ambassador at Att10tive since February 2020. Being part of such an excellent and skilful team has allowed me not only to learn new skills but also develop many other transferable ones too.

My main area of focus at Att10tive is photography as new and updated content is always required for our website and social media platforms. I previously worked on a short promotional video for the business which I was very pleased with.

In summer 2020 I was also one of the main people who managed one of our online projects on Facebook called Looking Through The Window which was very successful.

Att10tive is always full of opportunities and I was very lucky to learn chess, as well as showcasing my skills to others via recording our online sessions.

I’m very thankful for Att10tive as it allows me to meet new people and most importantly shows me how important community cohesion is. It has definitely increased my confidence and improved my time management, team work and communication skills overall.

Paul Taiwo

Youth Ambassador


“Hey there. My name is Paul Taiwo – became a member in September 2020. The novelty that Att10tive brings to the community creates synergy and cooperation in the community. Statistically, figures show that Luton has been highly successful in reducing COVID-19 cases as opposed to other communities, signifying the impact of the project such as One Luton organised by Att10tive, bringing diverse groups of people together within Luton, collaborating to wage war against COVID-19.

Att10tive is not only an organisation that is passionate, ardent and enthusiastic about the betterment of the community it serves, but also allows great team leaders and team members to learn new skills, challenging themselves to develop resilience and confidence, ultimately leading to unlocking their limitless potential.

I am very much proud to be part of an altruistic organisation such as Att10tive. I have met genuine and welcoming people from the Managing Director to the Team members.”

Hamnah Baig

Youth Ambassador


My name is Hamnah. I’m 17 years old and I’m a Youth Ambassador for Att10tive. I am relatively new to Att10tive having joined in /May 2021 with a few of my colleagues. I decided to be part of Att10tive because I believe it is vital to engage with young people and the community. I love stepping outside of my comfort zone, doing new things and working with others. All of these things are what Att10tive is all about.

I found out a lot about different ways to present workshops and how to do it effectively. I have learnt how to be more creative through my writing, how to utilise social media as a tool to express certain ideas and much, much more. Att10tive has assisted me in highlighting my interests while also strengthening my weaknesses.

The Att10tive team is extremely supportive and one of a kind. Everyone is enthusiastic and hard-working; it is so inspiring to see such young individuals carrying a large portion of Att10tive. Montell, the mentors, the team leaders, are all so respectful and motivating. I truly enjoy working on projects with them and I’m looking forward to the numerous projects we’ll be working on in the future.

I can’t wait to meet many new people and work with them to build a better, safer and more connected society.

Kashaf Zahid

Youth Ambassador


My name is Kashaf Zahid, I’m 17 and I joined Att10tive in May 2021 as a Youth Ambassador through my Sixth Form. Only recently have we been able to meet up in person due to Covid-19 restrictions, but meeting my peers and Montell in person was very refreshing and I am motivated and ready to work with the team on more projects.

So far, I have been focusing on online software skills and developing a story for our ‘Stories of Identity’ project. Currently, I am working on blogs for the website, covering a wide range of topics such as race and gender issues, community cohesion and community conflict. In the future, myself and a few other members will be sitting on the Police Scrutiny Panel for Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, after receiving training.

In such a short span of time, I have learned to manage my time more effectively, learned to adjust to the freedom of taking charge of the tasks set without fear of needing to follow a clear-cut template, and also learned to trust in and reach out to my more experienced peers for support when I need it. I look forward to working with the team at Att10tive further on upcoming projects and learning transferable skills that will be applicable to life beyond the work we do

Mahera Chowdhury

Youth Ambassador


My name is Mahera Chowdhury. I became a member of Att10tive in May 2021, My time here so far may have been short but I have learned so much with this amazing social enterprise; from learning different types of software to create content, to building real life connections with my colleagues and learning more about myself, therefore increasing my own self-confidence. We all know that it has been a tough couple of years but with Att10tive I am able to help our community get back onto its feet.  

 With Att10tive I am able to voice my opinions and be heard – whether it is through blog posts or even radio shows. Att10tive is so much more than an organisation that aims to deliver workshops and give further insight on a multitude of today’s problems, we are a family; a group of people aiming to unite our community and allow everyone to live much happier lives in harmony.  

 Att10tive is unique and you really would not find anything like it anywhere. I am looking forward to participating in even more activities with Att10tive and meeting new people to collaborate on projects with.

Syeda Mujtaba

Youth Ambassador


Hi, I’m Syeda! I’m 17 years old and have been a youth ambassador at att10tive since May 2021 after hearing about it through my sixth form. Instantly, I knew that it would be a great opportunity to help be a voice in the community and further develop myself as an individual with the skills that I would acquire along my journey.

Despite only being a member for a short period of time, I’ve already learnt so much from working with Montell and the team through training sessions, workshops and team meetings. I’d not had much experience in presenting however, learning how to present with att10tive has benefited my confidence massively as I now feel comfortable enough to present in front of a group of people that I don’t know. Additionally, with the environment created by the team it has allowed me to cultivate an enquiring mind open to discussing ideas and presenting opinions which was something that previously, I was not very good at.

Not only have I developed myself as an individual in terms of my attitude, Montell and the team through various workshops have taught me new skills such as learning how to create animated videos to portray messages, using platforms to create informational and motivational posters for social media accounts targeted at various audiences and learning photography skills.

I’m grateful to be part of an enterprise involved in projects striving to make a difference within our community such as the Bsafe project, and despite being a young individual, knowing that this opportunity has allowed for me to voice my ideas and for them to actually be put into use. Att10tive has taught me skills that I may have not learnt in my everyday life, it has allowed me to manage my time efficiently, take on responsibilities causing me to become an independent individual and I believe will continue presenting me with opportunities to learn and obtain important life skills whilst making a positive impact.

Veronica Bucad

Youth Ambassador


My name’s Veronica Bucad and I’ve recently joined att10tive as a Youth Ambassador. First hearing about the enterprise through my college, I decided that it would be a good opportunity to not only get myself out there and develop my soft skills but would also be a great way in which I could help and better the community I’ve grown up in. Having dabbled and immersed myself in various creative endeavours such as art, film-making, music and having cultural insight on my own ethnic ancestry, I believe I bring a new perspective to the team.

Although I’ve only been here for a short while, my experience with att10tive has been invaluable as it has exposed me to opportunities that I would only ever dream of having on my own. The rest of the team have been incredibly welcoming, reliable and have always been ready to lend a hand when needed.

Currently involved in Stories of Identity and the enterprise’s social media marketing team, I’ve learnt to utilise Web tools such as Prezi, Animaker and editing software such as Davinci Resolve. Additionally, I’ve been able to hone in on personal and interpersonal skills such as team communication and time management. I look forward to future projects and bettering myself with the rest of the team and community.

Chenoa Nelson

Executive Assistant to the Managing Director


Hello, my name’s Chenoa. I’ve always had an interest in helping my local community and have seen first-hand how certain issues affect where I live and those around me. Through working with Att10tive, I have had fantastic opportunities that have aided me in achieving my personal goals of self-improvement, as well as being able to contribute toward the betterment of my community.

Montell has helped me broaden my horizons with the chance to see what I’m capable of as an individual with opportunities that I would never have had otherwise. I got the chance to coordinate a task for one of our events, which was something I had never had the opportunity to try beforehand, as well as express my artistic side by creating artwork to contribute to our exhibition, helping spread a message about the negative impact of knife crime. Att10tive has been an incredible platform for developing my interpersonal skills as well as practical skills such as time management, critical thinking and decision-making.

I feel there has also been an improvement in my public speaking and confidence by taking part in educational workshops in schools and colleges which cater for many different learning-styles and advocate good communication between all members of the community.

Mason Dhokia

Youth Ambassador


My name is Mason Dhokia. I’m 19 and a college student. I have been a part of Att10tive since July 2019 and have been part of one full project which was the stop and Think Exhibition and am currently moving on to new projects as a deputy team leader.

Att10tive has given me the opportunity to explore new roles and skills that I had never thought of pursuing before. Working on the ‘Stop and Think Exhibition’ I was able to take work on producing a promotional video, which gave me the chance to look at media production from an outside view.

Through the advice and guidance that I have been given whilst working with Att10tive, I have been able to work on my personal development and push myself to grow in terms of my professionally and presentation skills as well as my interpersonal skills. Being a part of this team, I have been able to gain new experiences and develop my skills and grow further.

I feel there has also been an improvement in my public speaking and confidence by taking part in educational workshops in schools and colleges which cater for many different learning-styles and advocate good communication between all members of the community.