The JPS Scrutiny panel

The Bedfordshire Community Scrutiny panel (CSP)

The panel oversees Bedfordshire police use of stop and search powers and police use of force. The panels meet four times a year with the main meeting and a sub group meets every month to examine the police use of these powers.

The CSP has a pool of around fifty members representing the community of Bedfordshire. They come from all walks of life, are of all ages (youngest around 16 years old) from all ethnicities and both genders. Panel members receive training then learn by experience.

The JPS Scrutiny Panel

Three forces Bedfordshire Police, Cambridgeshire Police and Hertfordshire Police (BCH) have a combined police force which covers armed policing, roads policing and dogs policing. This is known as Joint protective services.

We have a scrutiny panel similar to that covering Bedfordshire which has a pool of people from across the three counties who scrutinise how the JPS uses force in the conduct of their work.

We are aware that it is sometimes necessary to investigate if a member of the public has an illegal item on their person or it is sometimes necessary for officers to use force in the conduct of their duties. Our aim is to ensure that there is openness and transparency in the use of these policing powers, that the officers act in a way with is fair, impartial and with legitimacy.

Overall the aim of these two scrutiny panels is to help build trust and confidence between the forces and the communities they serve.