Since the beginning of July, I have been involved in Att10tive’s Chess Teaching Workshops. I was unable to play the game beforehand and I feel that if it wasn’t for this opportunity I probably never would have learned. At the time of writing this, I have played seven or eight games and I have enjoyed every single one of them. From learning how much the pieces are worth and their names to advanced opening and middle game techniques, I have been taught enough

in a couple of hours to be able to play more advanced players that have been practicing for months, if not years. As my coach always says: Chess is a game that not only trains the mind but also teaches life skills. Thinking ahead of time, coming up with a strategy and also learning adaptability skills has been most beneficial for me, especially in times as these, when I am preparing to go to university in unprecedented times. The games and teaching are both fun, engaging and genuinely beneficial on a wider level. You don’t just learn how to play chess. You learn how to tackle and adapt to unexpected situations that are thrown at you in everyday life.