Maintaining a healthy mindset by Laaibah Mujtaba

Maintaining a healthy mindset

Mindset…Many of you have probably heard of the word mindset – whether that be a positive mindset, negative mindset, growth mindset or even a fixed mindset – but do you know what a mindset is and its importance in day-to-day life.

So, talking about mindset it can be split up into positive, negative, growth and fixed mindsets. A positive mindset is thinking positively in situations even if they are negative and believing in the positive outcomes. A negative mindset is one in which individuals always expect bad outcomes and negative things to occur or take place as they are unable to see the world in a positive light. A growth mindset is similar to a positive mindset and refers to believing in yourself and thinking positively in situations that may not be so positive. A fixed mindset is sticking to your thoughts and believing that some things cannot be changed no matter how much hard work and effort you put in.

Importance – the importance of maintaining a positive and growth mindset is that it leads to a healthy mindset which plays a huge role in protecting your mental health and well-being as it encourages you to face the obstacles that come in your way throughout the different stages of life.

Maintaining a healthy mindset in studies or education in general is vital as it helps individuals to tackle the challenges they may face with determination and positivity with the thought of the challenges being lessons or stepping stones to develop and progress in life.

Knowing how to keep a healthy mindset is vital in life especially when you’re facing significant changes in your life. These moments can be overwhelming and can affect individuals mindsets as well as mental health and well-being. In order to protect the individual’s mindset, mental health and well-being it’s important that you’re familiar with the methods of maintaining a healthy mindset.

Some of the methods of maintaining a healthy mindset especially while having significant changes in your life would be to always think positively and surround yourself with optimistic individuals who don’t bring you down, be yourself, eat well, believe in yourself, be optimistic, avoid comparing yourself, and if you are unable to attain success use the failure as a stepping stone to learn from the experience instead of bringing yourself down as failure is a part of life that teaches you to try no matter how hard something may seem because the outcome can be used as fuel to motivate you and will allow you to reach your full potential and succeed.