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Taking opportunities By Laaibah Mujtaba

Taking Opportunities

An opportunity is a chance or circumstance life throws at you not only once but many times in life. It’s one’s responsibility to make use of such opportunities and treat them as stepping stones to help them reach an aim, objective or aspiration they may have never known could’ve ever crossed their paths that they now wish to follow and achieve.

An opportunity coming into your life as a stepping stone doesn’t mean it’ll come easy whenever you need it to. An opportunity can arise at any-time, anywhere and in any shape or form; so one should always take any opportunity that comes their way, even if it doesn’t sound too interesting as you never know you may end up enjoying yourself. Even if it doesn’t interest you once you’ve tried it’ll never be a loss because treating the opportunities that come your way as challenges will always help and teach you valuable lessons no matter what the outcome is.

Many of you have probably heard of or even read the famous novels of Harry Potter written by the J.K. Rowling but may not know the struggles she faced in order to publish them. Rowling is a well known example of someone who took every opportunity that came her way until she reached her goal. Although she received numerous rejection letters from publishers for her Harry Potter novels but never gave up, lost hope or stopped believing in herself. Rowling in-fact continued to search for more opportunities and took any that arose just to reach her goal and publish her novel which she managed to succeed in after many rejections.

Never forget success can arise from any opportunity so an opportunity missed may be a chance and step closer to success lost!

“Failure is success in progress,” Albert Einstein